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Custom Wooden Nursery Name

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  • Approximately 40% less than competition + FREE SHIPPING (for a limited time)!
    • our nursery name signs come in one size only: LARGE - (36" wide, height depends on the number of letters in your name, max 18" high)
    • high quality, precision cut and sanded - a beautiful way to customize your little one's space
    • made from lightweight, yet strong, 1/2" thick MDF (vs 1/4” elsewhere), it will last for years
    • compare elsewhere online, our price is by far the best for this quality & size (approx. 40% less) 

    What size will my Name Sign be?

    The more letters your babies name has... the shorter they will be!

    The less letters your babies name has... the taller they will be!

    All our custom baby name signs are designed to fit inside this box.

    • What will the height of my sign be?

    • Our custom names are sized to fit within a box that is 36" WIDE by 18" TALL. We will scale the name so it is the biggest it can fit inside this box. Most names will be 36" wide. The height will vary depending on the length of your name. The MAXIMUM height is 18". For short names like 'Ava' the length may not be 36" because this would make the height much larger than 18" which would look silly and be too large to ship.
    • How will I hang my sign?

    • I want to order 1 sign, but with 2 names

    • I want to order the 2 Names bundle, will they really be 36" wide?

    • I would love all the letters to be attached together, is that possible?

    • My name same arrived and looks a bit different than expected!??

    • Can I cancel my order?